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Best Piega Speakers In 2022: What Is The Most Suitable For Me?

Best Projector Guide Team
  Sep 26, 2022 4:19 PM

People are exposed to high-tech and modern equipment every day in contemporary life. As a result, we have put up a list of the 1 Best Piega Speakers in 2022.

All of the best-selling goods are compared head-to-head in the following table:

Top 1 Best Piega Speaker

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What kind of components can be found within a speaker?

The majority of speakers consist of the following components, all of which contribute to the creation of sound:

  1. Magnet: A magnet is used to establish a fixed magnetic field surrounding the voice coil in order to make movement feasible. This field is created using a magnet that is called a permanent magnet.
  2. Voice coil and bobbin: The bobbin is a round tube that is joined to the bottom of the cone. The voice coil is located above the bobbin. When a musical signal is sent via the voice coil of an amplifier, which is a very long and tightly wound wire coil, a magnetic field is produced. This magnetic field is called the voice coil.
  3. Spider or suspension: the spider is a wavy-shaped thin woven cloth that supports the voice coil bobbin assembly and helps push the cone back into place as it moves. In other words, the spider is a part of the speaker that is responsible for moving the cone.
  4. Cone (diaphragm) and dust cap: this is a cone-shaped stiff material that is moved by the magnet and voice coil combined in order to move air and make sound. The dust cap sits on top of the diaphragm. The dust cap is a thin piece of material that is shaped like a cap and is placed over the opening in the middle to prevent dust and dirt from entering.
  5. Speaker basket: the speaker basket is a cast metal or stamped metal frame to which the various components of the speaker are attached and which maintains the proper alignment of everything. In addition to this, it offers a method for mounting the speaker system into a box.
  6. Braided wire and speaker terminals: speaker terminals are metal tabs or conNECtors that attach speaker wire to the speaker. Braided wire is a type of speaker wire. These are attached to the voice coil by means of a flexible wire that is braided and moves along with the cone.
  7. Surround: This is the material that joins the top edge of the cone to the basket. It is a flexible and strong circular material that is typically made of rubber or a form of foam.

The operation of speakers can be broken down into the following steps:

  1. (Beginning at the point of output equal to zero) An output voltage that represents the musical waveform initiates a rise in voltage and then continues to do so. The positive side of the speaker's voice coil is where the electrical current first begins to flow, and it eventually makes its way to the negative side.
  2. A magnetic field with the same polarity as the permanent magnet that is attached to the speaker basket is produced around the voice coil, which results in the creation of a magnetic field (frame). (Remember that magnetic fields with the same polarity repel one other, while fields with opposite polarity attract).
  3. When it starts to move forward, the cone or diaphragm creates air pressure, which results in the production of sound.
  4. As the voltage of the electrical signal climbs closer to the peak of the sine wave that represents the musical signal, the amount of current flowing through the voice coil grows, and with it, the magnetic field strength that it produces.
  5. Because of this, the cone is pushed even further out.
  6. After passing the point with the highest output, the signal starts to go down. The current starts to decrease as well, and the cone will start to move closer and closer to the location where there is no voltage at all.
  7. The signal drops to zero, which is often referred to as the "zero voltage crossover threshold," and the cone then returns to its original position.
  8. When the voltage goes negative, an electrical signal will start to go in the opposite direction. When this occurs, current travels from the negative side of the voice coil to the positive side, which results in a magnetic field with the polarity switched around.
  9. The magnetic field of the voice coil is now perpendicular to that of the permanent magnet that pulls it in, and the cone starts to move from the front to the back of the speaker (instead of the original rear to front).
  10. As the signal continues, the cone begins to move in the opposite direction, producing the second half of the sound waves that are generated when air is moved.
  11. The output of the amplifier or stereo system returns to zero, and the next audio signal begins when the new signal output voltage begins to climb. The cycle then begins once more with the amp or stereo system.

Speakers are really just a type of electric motor because they are driven by an electrical signal and convert that power into a mechanical output, which is the movement of air that results in the production of musical sounds. Sometimes people will refer to speakers as transducers


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